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CranioSacral Therapy for Athletes

“The benefit of craniosacral work is your body's going to feel better and your mind's going to feel better.” -Ricky Williams

I want to share this article by Mary Hardin about how CranioSacral Therapy is great for footbal players. It focuses on the experiences of retired NFL running back Ricky Williams, and highlights the benefits of CST for concussions and unwinding the layers of injuries that pile up over time for athletes playing a full contact sport. By taking a holistic approach to the body and uncovering the root causes of pain, CST helps the body create an environment for real healing and lasting results.

“Once someone experiences a craniosacral session, it's very difficult to not want to go back and receive more of the work,” Williams said. “For a lot of people when they receive craniosacral, it's the first time anyone has ever helped them listen to their body – our joints, our organs are screaming out for some attention, for some nurturing and we don't do it for ourselves. So it's nice when you find a very caring therapist – of any modality – that helps you listen to your body and create a communion between you and your body.”

Read the full article here:

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